Music Doodle: Mini (FREE)

Music Doodle: Mini, the free version of Music Doodle, is now available on the App Store.

Check it out! :)


Music Doodle

My newest iOS app, Music Doodle, is now available!  Let's make some beautiful music together!

(And, here's a video!)


Latest and greatest

Wow, I've been terrible at keeping the website updated.  It's almost been a year and no real news.

So... I'm taking a break from my big iPad project (yep it's another roguelike, and yep I may never finish it).  I was just getting burnt out and beginning to dread working on it (how on earth did I make Cursed Loot so fast?!).

BUT, I have another app currently in review for the app store.  It's just a fun little music toy.  Originally, I wanted to make something that my baby niece could play with, but then it evolved into something I wanted to play with. :)  I'm so selfish.

Anyway, stay tuned.  I'll be doing a screen shot, video, twitter spam blast when it's released.  Oh and save your pennies.  It will cost 99! of them.  (Not only am I selfish, I'm also greedy.)

Have fun!



Dice for All

Hey everybody.  Our first iOS app, Dice for All, is now available on the App Store℠.


Dice for All simulates up to 9 dice at once with customizable number of sides and colors. And, best of all, it's free! Enjoy!



Ok, so I've taken a long freakin' hiatus.  But, I'm back!

I've decided to give up on this windows nonsense and have moved on to iOS.  My first app is (VERY!) small, but it will hopefully be out in a week or so... pending the wizard's approval.

I do have plans for more awesome stuff, but the plan is to build up my code library.  So there will be a few more small releases before I unleash the awesome... hopefully!

Anyway, stay tuned.