Snakester is Available Now!

Snakester is now available on the Xbox Indie Game Marketplace.

I had a great time making it, and I hope everybody enjoys playing it!

Check out the Snakester Page for more details.


The final stretch...

So, a few weeks later and Snakester is 99.9% done.  Basically it's just down to some more bug testing and tweaking a few things here and there.  I'm hoping to put it into review testing by the end of the week, so it should be available in about two weeks.

I ended up throwing away the original concept and decided to make a few game modes that were more closely aligned with the classic, but with a few added twists...

First off, I kept the "analog" snake from my original concept.  It definitely adds more strategy (particularly in the co-op modes).  And, for fun, I added "turbo" to the right trigger, which doubles the snake's speed.  As it turns out, it works quite nicely with the multiplier system I added.  To achieve really high scores requires a lot of speed and a lot of precision.  So, it really feels like those two concepts work well together.

The co-op modes give you and a friend control of a two headed snake.  It's hard, but a lot of fun (imho).

(Footage of some not-so-graceful co-op action in Snakester)

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy Snakester!  It should be coming soon!




Challenge Complete

So, it's 48 hours later, and here's a video of SNAKESTER:

I think I'm going to spend a few more days on it to add sound and multiplayer (co-op & vs), and hopefully put it in playtest by the weekend.

Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about Cursed Cosmos!


48 Hour Challenge

I've been pretty burnt out on Cursed Cosmos lately, so I thought I'd take a break and try to do something quick and fun to get me back into the zone.  So... I'm trying to write a new game in 48 hours.  I'm about 10 hours in so far, and here's the result so far:


It's a mashup of classic Snake and everybody's favorite party game from the 70's.  What's not to love?

Basically, you guide the snake around and try to match the colored parts of the snake to the colored rings on the playfield.  Not rocket science, but I'm having fun making it.

Anyway, we'll see if I get it done by my deadline, but I think I have a good chance, since I have the concept and gameplay working now.  Basically I just need to add levels to it, playtest for fun factor, and hopefully time for graphical bling!


Cursed Cosmos Progress Update (and Video)

Most of last month was spent adding new equipment to Cursed Cosmos and related UI stuff (inventory/shop screens).  So, ships in Cursed Cosmos now have 9 different equipment slots (including the brand new NUKES!).  There are also different manufacturers of equipment and different tiers of equipment, so there's going to be a lot of equipment to choose from.  Enemies also drop equipment occasionally (you'll see item pick ups in the bottoms left of the screen...)

Cursed Loot style encounters are also now implemented, and we have a lot of fun ideas for them.  Beyond that, the ultimate plan is to have a (light) story arc that results in a final boss battle, but that work still needs to be done!

Lastly we've been working on navigation and have implemented a nearby "point of interest" ring that you can bring up with the "B" button that points out nearby star systems, asteroid fields, and encounters, as well as a more traditional map that shows some of the surrounding area (although it's still less that 1% of the overall galaxy... tbd if we'll support zooming or something else...).

Anyway, that's about it.  We feel we've been pretty productive, but still so much more work to be done!

Next up: more encounters, new enemies, a big boss, and a ton of audio work.


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