2011 in Review

A lot has gone on here at Eyehook Games over the past year.  What started as a hobby in 2010 has become a real (small) business.  After getting our new company up and running, we released Cursed Loot at the end of August, along with a shiny new content patch in October.

To date, Cursed Loot has had 6,677 trials and 4,442 purchases which comes to about $3,100 in the past four months.  So, we're not getting rich here, but at least it buys lunch!  The numbers for December are pretty interesting, with 519 trials converting to 500 purchases--that's over a 95% conversion rate!  So, no complaints there.  Now, if only we could get everybody with an Xbox to try out Cursed Loot, we'd be rich! :)

A lot of this year was spent on several different games, improving our game engine, and learning some nifty new tricks.  But, now, we're firmly focused on finishing development of Cursed Cosmos.  The Cursed Cosmos engine is working great and we are mostly focused on adding new content at this point.  You can definitely look forward to Cursed Loot style encounters, a ton of upgrades for your ship, a good number of enemies, asteroid mining, and... wait for it... boss battles!

After Cursed Cosmos is out the door, odds are that we will be looking at other platforms.  Right now, I'm pretty excited about doing something on iOS, but PC is definitely a possibility as well.  And, of course, I'd love to do another content patch for Cursed Loot.

I also wanted thank everybody for your emails, comments, tweets, and forum posts.  They've been a huge motivational boost and a great source of inspiration.  You all are great!

That's it!  Have a happy new year and see you in 2012!


Some more Cursed Cosmos gameplay

After a pretty productive week here, I thought I'd post another gameplay video (now with sound!).

(I know it looks like a pretty generic space shooter right now; I'll try to highlight the RPG elements in my next video of Cursed Cosmos.)


Sneak Peek of Cursed Cosmos

So, still trying to figure out the name of our next game, and "Cursed Cosmos" is the latest concept...  Anyway, here's a short gameplay video I put up a few days ago to see if people liked the orbit rings or not.  I'm currently leaning toward having them be a graphics option (so you can adjust how bright they are--or turn them off completely.)

Enjoy, and let me know what you think!


Still Alive

I've been a bit busy working on Azure Void Cursed Cosmos, so I haven't had much time to work on the website lately.  Hopefully I'll have something interesting to post at some point in the near future!  Anyway, have fun, and thanks for visiting.


Cursed Loot 2.1 Available Now!

Eyehook Games loves you!

Enjoy the latest, greatest Cursed Loot content patch.  (Just start up Cursed Loot to get it.)

Highlights include a new playable class (the Peasant), 24 new awardments (for a grand total of 48), a slot machine minigame, and 9 new weapons.

Have fun!

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