Screen Shot Saturday

The new set of skills in Cursed Loot, currently.



Just for fun, here's what the new goblin looks like.


What's going on with Eyehook Games?

First off, I've finally gotten around to creating a proper company, Eyehook Games LLC (I'm just going to call it Eyehook Games from now on...).  And, in the coming weeks I will be transferring everything over to the company.  I have tried (repeatedly) to make this happen seemlessly, but unfortunately it won't.  So, what does this mean?

Most importantly, Eyehook Games will have to republish the ultimate dungeon crawling experience under a new name (the new working title is "Cursed Loot").  Because of this, existing owners will no longer receive updates--however, your copy will continue to work.

Eyehook Games will publish an updated version of "Cursed Loot" that will add more content to hopefully justify a re-purchase (bleh!!!).  Anyway, here's what is on the current list:

  • 1 new playable class.  The "Goblin" will have regen as his primary skill.  (done)
  • 4 new passive skills.  (still in progress)
    • "Stealth" which reduces the aggro radius of enemies
    • "Stat Boost" which adds N # skill points to each skill, depending upon its level
    • "Perception" which will increase the amount of loot you find and highlights secret doors
    • "Thorns" which causes damage to attackers that hit you
  • Graphical enhancements:
    • Improved the platformer level graphics (more layers, bubbling lava, more detail) (done)
  • Possible additions: (possibly not in this version)
    • Treasure chests.  Easy enough to add, it's just a matter of testing balance, so more work than it would seem.
    • Tombstone traps.  Think you're getting free loot?  Think again.  You might get zombies instead!
    • Goblin Slots.  (Unlikely, for this patch, but would be a great addition)

So, that's that.

On to other news, Eyehook Games is working hard on its next release as well.  Once this nonsense with "Cursed Loot" is dealt with, you can expect some screen shots, and possibly gameplay footage... we shall see...

Oh, and I hope you like the new site.  It just went up today, so it's a bit bare.  But, it'll improve with time!

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